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Could I Be Pregnant? - First Signs of Pregnancy (Before a + Test)

Could I Be Pregnant?

First Signs of Pregnancy (Before a Positive Test)

You wake up one day and you feel more tired than usual, but you brush it off—thinking you’ve simply been working too hard or doing too much lately. But then you start to notice other symptoms, and you wonder… could I possibly be pregnant?

For many women, period and early pregnancy symptoms are very similar, making it difficult to determine in you are late on your period or actually pregnant.

So how can you tell if you may be pregnant in those first few weeks, even before you take a pregnancy test?

These early pregnancy signs may indicate pregnancy before your missed period:

1. Fatigue: Many women experience fatigue in the first few weeks of pregnancy, as a huge amount of energy now goes into growing a baby and a placenta, stretching your uterus, and producing and pumping more blood throughout your body.

2. Sensitivity to smell: Typically, mild smells may suddenly become strong or unappealing.

3. Breast changes: Your breasts may also change early in pregnancy, as estrogen and progesterone hormone levels fluctuate. Your areolas (nipples) may also change color or size as your body prepares for lactation.

4. Frequent urination: Around two or three weeks after conception, and before a positive pregnancy test, you may have to urinate more often. As hCG increases in your body (also indicated on a positive pregnancy test!), more blood flows to your kidneys making them even more effective of eliminating waste from your body.

5. Raised basal body temperature: If you’ve been tracking your ovulation with a basal body thermometer in the mornings, you might notice an increase of 1 or 2 degrees when you conceive. This temperature will stay elevated during your entire pregnancy.

6. Changes in cervical mucus: If you’ve been studying your cervical mucus, you’ll notice your cervical mucus becomes and remains creamy after ovulation. It will have a lotion-like consistency.

7. Implantation bleeding: Light spotting may occur in early pregnancy, indicating the embryo has implanted into the uterine wall. This may also be an early period symptom – but implantation bleeding is visibly more pink or light brown, compared to period spotting which is more reddish in color.

8. Missed period: Obviously, if you’re significantly late or have missed your period, and you suspect pregnancy, it’s a good time to test and find out! A missed period is an early pregnancy symptom that every expectant mom experiences.

How reliable are these signs and symptoms of pregnancy? It’s important to note that these early pregnancy symptoms may show up at different times for different women. You may experience all of them or none of them in the first few weeks. But if you’re experiencing several of them and your period is late, you may indeed be pregnant. The only way to know for sure is to take a test!

For a free pregnancy test—plus free education and resources—reach out to us to schedule an appointment! Book online, or call us at 714-633-4673 today!

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