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When Your Pregnancy Begins to Feel ‘Real’ - Body Changes in the Second Trimester of Your Pregnancy

When Your Pregnancy Begins to Feel ‘Real’

Body Changes in the Second Trimester of Your Pregnancy

During the three months of your second trimester, your body and baby are going through big and noticeable changes – with hopefully some relief from those pesky early pregnancy symptoms.

For many women, the second trimester is the most comfortable stage of pregnancy. Your first-trimester symptoms will begin to ease. You may even get your energy and appetite back. But most amazing of all, you’ll notice that the bloat of your belly is finally looking like a baby bump – and everyone can start to notice your glow.

How long is the second trimester? The second trimester starts at week 14 and extends through the end of week 27 of your pregnancy.

Each week that passes presents new changes and milestones for your body and your baby’s development, so be sure to eat well, rest well and find comfortable fitting clothes as your belly is finally visible.

Changes to Expect

Emotional Changes

During this trimester, you may notice your mood still swings from high highs to low lows, with added irritability, forgetfulness, and feelings of nesting. There may also be some changes in your sexual intimacy with your partner, especially as you cope with your changing body and emotional ups and downs.

Physical Changes

As your baby grows, you may begin to experience new physical symptoms compared to the first trimester. Gone are the days of morning sickness, but instead you may now feel heartburn or indigestion while laying down. Your first-trimester fatigue may be shifting to insomnia, with added leg cramps.

With a growing baby in your uterus, your internal organs have also begun to shift. You may notice you need to urinate more and get constipated more often.

Some women notice varicose veins and stretch marks beginning to form in the second trimester, but both should disappear or fade after giving birth.

Now that your appetite is back, expect to gain around a pound a week during this trimester. If you started your pregnancy at a healthy, normal weight, your body will naturally gain 20-30 pounds your entire pregnancy.

Your baby bump is probably visible now – embrace your pregnancy glow and be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to support your changing body.

Your Second Trimester Checklist In the second trimester, your hormones are more regulated and you should experience 14 weeks of blossoming into your baby bump. To support your growing belly and baby:

· Schedule routine doctor visits, including genetic screenings, your 20-week anatomy ultrasound, a glucose test, and more.

· Increase your calorie intake as your baby is growing rapidly.

· Sleep on your left side for maximum blood flow to your baby and placenta.

· Partake in some fun! The second trimester is a great time for gender reveals, baby showers, and a babymoon if you choose.

· Most expectant mothers also start “nesting” (e.g., setting up a nursery or other safe space for the baby to sleep once he or she arrives).

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