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  • Julie Bos

Grow, Baby, Grow! - Your Baby’s Development in the Second Trimester

You made it through the first trimester! And for many women, your second trimester will be the most comfortable of all three.

You’ll welcome more energy and start to feel less queasy—and you’ll begin to see your baby bump as your baby grows inside your womb.

A lot of growth happens for your baby this trimester; by the end of it, they’ll have fully developed organs and regular movements. Let’s take a closer look at how your baby is developing in the second trimester.

Baby Development Highlights

During the second trimester of your pregnancy, your baby’s development really kicks into gear.

From weeks 14-27, your baby will be able to move within your womb, yawn and hiccup, and take regular “naps.” But most importantly, your baby is packing on the pounds and growing vital organs for life after birth.

Here are some highlights of your baby’s development in the second trimester:

· Heart: In the second trimester, your baby’s heart is no longer beating spontaneously – it’s now regulated by the brain.

· Brain: Your baby’s brain now controls the baby’s heartbeat, muscle movements (aww… those tiny kicks may feel like butterflies in your belly!), and blinking their eyelids.

· Digestive System: Your baby is starting to suck and swallow amniotic fluid as practiced for after birth. They are developing their own taste for future foods from your amniotic fluid, so now is a good time to eat balanced and diverse meals! All that swallowing means they also begin using their genitals for peeing.

· Senses: Your baby’s eyes and ears are moving into their correct positions, and by week 22 your baby is beginning to use their sense of smell, sight, and hearing. This trimester, they can even blink their eyelids in response to light!

· Hair, Skin, and Nails: In the second trimester, your baby is sprouting their first hairs all over their body to keep warm, called lanugo. This hair will shed as they gain weight and get closer to birth. By week 22, your baby also has eyelashes, eyebrows, and nailbeds.

One of the best parts of the second trimester is the pregnancy glow—your energy is back, you feel to urge to nest, and your baby bump looks adorable in your new maternity clothes. Everyone is beginning to notice you as your new self–mother.

At LivingWell Pregnancy Centers, we care about you and your growing baby. That’s why we offer free women’s wellness checkups, pregnancy tests, your first ultrasound, and endless education and resources.


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